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Jean-Jume is a creative artist at heart, in and outside of the recording studio. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, his eclectic sound transports listeners to a new sonic realm as reflections of his life experiences translate into his work.

“I don’t think about art when I’m working. I try to think about life.” These words were spoken by the late, great artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, who not only inspired Jean-Jume’s name, but indicated a true alignment in their approach to creating. Their interconnection expands through Jume’s habit of sketching out every detail of his visual concepts before bringing them into reality.

With a passion for music being embedded into his spirit from an early age, Jean-Jume’s fervent lyrics and mesmerizing melodies reveal his past and present self-awareness, while highlighting his growth in areas beyond music. His distinct sound touches on a variety of styles and supplies vibrations that can cater to any mood. 

Jean-Jume is currently (and will always be) working on creating new, original material.

His work can be found on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube.


In one of his most popular hit singles, "The Show Goes On," Lupe Fiasco, a well-known rapper from Chicago, uplifts and urges his listeners to be themselves without being constrained by the opinions of others, encouraging people worldwide to never stop believing in themselves. Lupe utilizes optimistic expressions, figurative language, and inspirational imagery throughout the track, eliciting nonconformity and celebrating individuality, as well as self-trust and reliance. 


The sanguine tone used in "The Show Goes On" plants a seed in the listener’s mind, letting them know that a positive mindset will get them through any hardship. In the first verse, Lupe states, "when times are hard, you stand up." Statements such as this one are useful in motivating listeners to separate themselves from their circumstances and rise up whenever times get tough. This is also exhibited in the line "so, even if they ban us, they’ll never slow my plans up," as Lupe is expressing that he’s not going to let anyone or anything become a barrier on his journey to success. 


Fiasco builds on influential imagery throughout the melody by making use of phrases such as: "chains all on your soul," revealing that people are so accustomed to being controlled and treated poorly that they can be compared to slaves. He’s suggesting that people should be true to themselves and manage their own decisions rather than having them made for them. In the last verse, Lupe also says, "even if they turn the lights out, the show is going on." This metaphor displays his extensive optimism in showing that no matter what negativity you may be facing, in order to keep moving forward in this show called life, we must develop this mentality to be able to pull through any situation thrown at us. These phrases are supportive in expressing the need for self-trust, exhibiting a celebration of individuality in addition to the need for the reformation of self and society.


For the duration of the tune, the significance of individuality is powerfully represented by Lupe Fiasco’s utilization of positive and promising imagery and figurative language. Within his depiction of goals and how you should approach them, he leaves listeners feeling stimulated and inspired. With the numerous amounts of individuals that have encountered difficulty at some point in their lives, Lupe Fiasco uses this track as a relatable, reassuring anthem that the world can resort to to prosper in spite of those hard times.

“Squaring the circle” for the Ancient Egyptians represented the realization of creation — the transformation process of the concept of creation into its actual manifestation.”

- Moustafa Gadalla -


“Fundamentally, the masculine and feminine are NOT two tangible separate things. They both exist on the same continuum. They are very real forces having different directions, yet are inexplicably linked.”

- Jonathan Zerbin -


The Circle & The Square est. 2018