The Brand

Brand Positioning

To stand out in the cannabis space we want to step away from typical cannabis branding and marketing and move towards giving our customers more of a spa experience rather than a cannabis experience.

Brand Purpose

To create safe spaces for people of all walks of life to experience relief.

Brand Promise

To provide quality products and experiences.

Customer Takeaway

Cann-ah wants you to feel good.

The Audience

We speak to the everyday person looking for simple way to relieve their pains and calm their minds.

Medicinal Users

This segment wants to proudly support black business and is actively looking for high quality blackowned brands. They want to connect with art products that are very unique and highly useful while also exuding blackness. This gives them more reason to fall in love with an item as a whole.

Health & Fitness Enthusiast

This segment includes millennial athletes, fitness fans, and wellness enthusiasts of all stripes that are incorporating cannabis into their training regimens as an exercise enhancer, recovery aid, and all-around health supplement.



Simple. To the point. Succinct.

Simple design and language is a sign of respect for our customers—respect for their work, time, and process.If you think about it, simplicity is a common courtesy.


Warm. Caring. Healing.

A motherly and caring tone that says that we understand and can help.


Meaningful. Eco-friendly.

We care about doing things right.


Innovative. Bold. Creative.

We challenge ourselves and others to aim higher and never settle. Boldness, unexpectedness, and optimism drive us forward.


We are characterful. But we never let character overwhelm content. What we have to say is infinitely more important than being admired for the way we say it. If people can’t see the substance for the style, we’ve gone wrong. In writing, we value perspicuity above all. Be clear, be concise, omit unnecessary words, make sure that whatever you say has purpose, but don’t be robotic.


The Cann-ah brand palette was created using colors found in cannabis flower.

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