By The Circle & The Square

Sekooskwe is an emerging fashion & home goods brand. The goal is to achieve a similar aesthetic to its parent brand "the circle and the square" while also clearly distinguishing the two sides of the brand (fashion and home goods) from each other.

The Brand

Brand Positioning

Sekooskwe is positioned as a premium brand that offers sustainable lifestyle products that are both stylish and functional. We are committed to using natural materials and sustainable practices whenever possible, and we are constantly innovating to create new and unique products that meet the needs of our customers.

Brand Purpose

Sekooskwe is dedicated to creating sustainable lifestyle products that inspire people to live more naturally and connect with their surroundings. We believe that everyone deserves to have a home that is both stylish and sustainable, and we are committed to providing high-quality products that are made with care for the environment.

Brand Promise

To provide necessary, elevated products.

Customer Takeaway

Sekooskwe has very high quality products that I actually need.

The Audience

We speak to the Conscious Chooser, which we define as people who make an effort to purchase brands and support the organizations that align with their personal values and beliefs. Within that group, we prioritize two user segments which we believe are most likely to be engaged by our brand.

Creative Afro-futurists

This segment wants to proudly support Black businesses and is actively looking for high quality Black-owned brands. They want to connect with artistic products that are unique and highly useful, while also exuding Blackness. This gives them more reason to fall in love with an item as a whole.

Conscious Green Thumbs

This segment has gardening at the forefront of their spending habits. From the balcony gardener to the acre farmer, this segment cares deeply about all things gardening.


Sekooskwe's brand personality is earthy, modern, and approachable. We are passionate about sustainability, but we also believe in creating products that are stylish and functional. We want our customers to feel inspired and empowered when they use our products, and we believe that our brand can help them to live a more sustainable and fulfilling life.


Sekooskwe's earthy brand personality is reflected in its connection to nature, its use of natural materials, and its commitment to sustainability. The brand embraces the simple beauty of the natural world, using its colors, textures, and patterns to create products that are both stylish and eco-conscious.

Colors: Sekooskwe's color palette draws inspiration from the earth, featuring muted tones of green, brown, blue, and gray. These colors evoke a sense of tranquility, harmony, and connection to nature.

Textures: Sekooskwe's products incorporate natural textures such as rough-hewn wood, smooth stones, and woven fabrics. These textures add a touch of rustic charm and authenticity to the brand's aesthetic.

Patterns: Sekooskwe's patterns are inspired by nature's intricate designs, such as leaf veins, animal prints, and geometric shapes found in plants and rocks. These patterns add a touch of visual interest and sophistication to the brand's products.


Sekooskwe's modern brand personality is evident in its clean lines, minimalist aesthetic, and innovative approach to sustainable design. The brand blends traditional craftsmanship with modern sensibilities, creating products that are both timeless and fresh.

Clean Lines: Sekooskwe's products feature clean lines and simple silhouettes that exude elegance and sophistication. The brand's minimalist approach allows the natural beauty of the materials to shine through.

Minimalist Aesthetic: Sekooskwe's aesthetic is characterized by a focus on essential elements and a rejection of unnecessary embellishments. This minimalist approach creates a sense of calm and understated luxury.

Innovative Design: Sekooskwe is committed to using innovative design solutions to create sustainable products without compromising on style or functionality. The brand explores new materials, manufacturing techniques, and eco-friendly practices to minimize its environmental impact.


Sekooskwe's approachable brand personality is reflected in its friendly and inclusive messaging, its commitment to community engagement, and its affordable pricing. The brand strives to make sustainable living accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or budget.

Friendly Messaging: Sekooskwe's messaging is warm, inviting, and easy to understand. The brand uses language that is inclusive and welcoming, making it approachable to a wide audience.

Community Engagement: Sekooskwe actively engages with its community through social media, events, and partnerships. The brand encourages its customers to share their experiences and ideas, fostering a sense of connection and belonging.

Affordable Pricing: Sekooskwe strives to make its products affordable without compromising on quality or sustainability. The brand believes that sustainable living should be accessible to everyone, and it works to keep its prices competitive.



Sekooskwe's voice is authentic, approachable, and empowering. It speaks with a sense of warmth, inclusivity, and a deep connection to nature. The brand's voice is confident and knowledgeable, yet humble and relatable, guiding customers towards sustainable living practices without judgment or condescension.


"We believe that everyone deserves access to sustainable living, regardless of their background or budget."

"We're passionate about creating products that are not only stylish and functional but also kind to the planet."

"We want to empower you to make conscious choices that benefit your home, your health, and the environment."


Sekooskwe's tone is conversational and engaging, fostering a sense of connection and community with its audience. It is informative and educational, providing valuable insights into sustainable living without being overly technical or jargon-filled. Sekooskwe's tone is also inspiring and motivational, encouraging individuals to make positive changes that benefit both themselves and the planet.


"Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future."

"Let's make a positive impact together, one small step at a time."

"Discover the beauty and simplicity of eco-conscious living."

By consistently using a clear and consistent Voice and Tone, Sekooskwe can effectively communicate its brand message, build relationships with its customers, and establish itself as a trusted guide in the world of sustainable living.


The Sekooskwe brand palette comes directly from its parent brand The Circle & The Square.

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