Proposed Project

Soul Food Market is a black owned grocery delivery service operate out of Atlanta, GA. The goal with this identity is simple, to clearly and authentically create a branding the instantly gives the customer the feeling that they are experiencing a black business.

The Brand

When thinking about the brand aesthetic, we chose the keywords Fresh and Heritage. The 'Fresh' aesthetic represents the liveliness of local produce, as well as the liveliness and freshness of our people. The 'Heritage' aesthetic gives the branding a feeling of a long history, as a store like this should already have, which also evokes the feeling that the brand will be around for a long time.


The primary colors symbolize the boldness of bright produce while tapping into the fundamental colors commonly used in African textiles and fabrics such as kente material. The secondary colors serve as minimal, complimenting tones that allow the primary colors to pop, and can be used for just about any brand element from business cards to company shirts and gift cards.

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