Sekooskwe is an emerging fashion & home goods brand.

Our Brand

Brand Positioning

To stand out as a fashion & home goods brand, our products must be of the highest quality. It’s our purpose to provide people with luxury, elevated, but necessary products for their home and body.

Brand Purpose

To provide quality products for the home and for the body (our first home). We believe individual success starts with the space that you live in, how your immediate environment makes you feel and how it inspires you. With our products we wish to add value to people's lives and their spaces.

Brand Promise

To provide necessary, elevated products.

Customer Takeaway

Sekooskwe has very high quality products that I actually need.

Our Audience

We speak to the Conscious Chooser, which we define as people who make an effort to purchase brands and support the organizations that align with their personal values and beliefs. Within that group, we prioritize two user segments which we believe are most likely to be engaged by our brand.

Creative Afro-futurists

This segment wants to proudly support Black businesses and is actively looking for high quality Black-owned brands. They want to connect with artistic products that are unique and highly useful, while also exuding Blackness. This gives them more reason to fall in love with an item as a whole.

Conscious Green Thumbs

This segment has gardening at the forefront of their spending habits. From the balcony gardener to the acre farmer, this segment cares deeply about all things gardening.



Our brand personality helps us define the welcoming energy of Sekooskwe as a whole. Whether through our messaging, design choices or imagery, these four words, when taken together, evoke the essence of Sekooskwe that the whole world can agree upon.


Simple. Realistic. Everyday. Caring.

We are minimal in nature. We embrace our imperfections. We learn as we go. We gravitate towards love and organic authenticity.


Inventive. Curious. Attention to detail. 

We are forward-thinking and always creating ideas that no one has thought of before. We are the trend before the trend even starts.


Respect for excellence. Mastery. Great Care.

Always crafty and learning to improve. Intentionally growing in our many artistic skills. Paying respect to the tiniest details.


Essential. Meaningful. Relevant. Necessary. 

We've got what our customers want and need. We create through the love of art, and build products that are of value, not just monetarily, but personally.


We are rather chill and poetic when it comes to sharing our products with the world, and transparent about the creation process.

We never look to pop culture references. We are intentionally out-of-the-box thinkers and doers who communicate with a sense of grace and elegance.

And yet, we still appeal to those who don't necessarily subscribe to the "luxe" culture though the power of our language.

We encourage people to feel a deeper connection with Sekooskwe through our warm brand voice and tone.

Voice/Tone Continued

• Be clear, concise and as poetic as possible.
• Avoid exclamation points, ellipses, and other emotive punctuation.
• Use the active voice, rather than the passive
• List innovative and unique product features first.
• Be consistent in tone, voice, and tense

Voice/Tone Summary

Calming (never cocky)
Relatable (but never silly)
Friendly (but not ingratiating)
Poetic (never overbearing)
Clear, concise and human 


Logos & Usage

Making the right choices
Fashion or
Home Goods

The fashion side of our brand uses the black logos and beige backgrounds while the home side utilizes the beige logo on green backgrounds for a clear distinction between the two aspects of the company.



Red, Green, & Yellow
Brand Palette

The Sekooskwe brand palette comes directly from its parent brand The Circle & The Square.

Color Use Ratio


Home Goods



Visual communication


A simple font that offers a beautiful balance of square and circle edges.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog



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