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Nyamekye is the Lead Copywriter, focusing on spreading noteworthy messages to the world and building voices for brands through creative writing. With a degree in Communications and a passion for art, she provides clients with a variety of written content, and has a love for words that extends into hand lettering and calligraphy.

Loves: Dance, Lo-fi Music, Vegan Junk Food.

THE Square

DeQuan, aka QueueD, is the Lead Graphic Designer, focusing on logos and branding. Bringing ideas to reality through print and digital design, his specialty is building strong visual foundations for businesses. With a degree in Digital Arts & Design, he consistently delivers unique art to clients along with a satisfaction guarantee.


Loves: Mangos, Dried Mangos, Mango Chile Lime Harvest Snaps.



We specialize in logos and branding packages, as well as custom social media content creation for a variety of businesses to help them grow, no matter what point you're at in your business journey. 


We provide copywriting, as well as proofreading and editing, to help give your business a voice in order to connect with your audience. We also get artistic in this area with custom hand lettering and calligraphy.


We build unique, user-friendly website designs using the Wix platform that build upon your brand identity and artistically showcase your work to drive more traffic to your business.


Stay up to date with the services we offer. Subscribers automatically enter into our quarterly art giveaway!

“Squaring the circle” for the Ancient Egyptians represented the realization of creation — the transformation process of the concept of creation into its actual manifestation.”

- Moustafa Gadalla -

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“Fundamentally, the masculine and feminine are NOT two tangible separate things. They both exist on the same continuum. They are very real forces having different directions, yet are inexplicably linked.”

- Jonathan Zerbin -

The Circle & The Square est. 2018