We're a couple of creative artists who enjoy creating all things "miscellaneous everything." We see ourselves as professional dabblers, reality makers, and manifestation generators, having an unmistakable impact on the art and individuals we connect with.

Nyamekye has been a dancer for her entire life, exposing herself to a variety of music, and expanding her creativity from an early age. Her work is inspired by the notion that anything can be art. As she takes on a multitude of artistic avenues from dance and creative writing to hand lettering and modeling, she's following her dreams of being able to "do it all."

Despite being The Square, DeQuan has been thinking outside of the box since he was a child. His work embodies a minimalistic essence, yet always leaves an impact. Constantly considering how to approach life differently, he's evolved into a supremely unique multimedia artist, specializing in graphic design, branding, and photography.


Our mission is to explore duality as an entry point into understanding the spectrum that is everything in-between. We provide a multitude of perspectives on everyday life, art, health, and relationships. Through creation, concepts, and conversation we hope to inspire people to embrace new ways of seeing things, doing things and thinking about things in hopes to increase the ability to understand and empathize.