Despite being The Square, DeQuan has been thinking outside of the box since he was a child. His work embodies a minimalistic essence, yet always leaves an impact. Constantly considering how to approach life differently, he's evolved into a supremely unique multimedia artist, specializing in graphic design, branding, and photography.

Nyamekye has been a dancer for her entire life, exposing herself to a variety of music, and expanding her creativity from an early age. Her work is inspired by the notion that anything can be art. As she takes on a multitude of artistic avenues from dance and creative writing to hand lettering and modeling, she's following her dreams of being able to "do it all." 

We're a couple of creative artists who enjoy creating all things "miscellaneous everything." We see ourselves as professional dabblers, reality makers, and manifestation generators, having an unmistakable impact on the art and individuals we connect with.

Our logo is a representation of our energy. 

The Circle & The Square: masculine and feminine energy. The aesthetic: simple, minimal, functional: the manner in which we live our lives. Within it, the red lines form an 'N' for Nyamekye, and the green lines form a 'Q' for QueueD.

Furthermore, the yellow and white space represent our sun and moon energy of creation and balance. Combined, the colors are a representation of our connection to our roots. 

“Squaring the circle” for the Ancient Egyptians represented the realization of creation — the transformation process of the concept of creation into its actual manifestation.”

- Moustafa Gadalla -


“Fundamentally, the masculine and feminine are NOT two tangible separate things. They both exist on the same continuum. They are very real forces having different directions, yet are inexplicably linked.”

- Jonathan Zerbin -


The Circle & The Square est. 2018