Our Energy

We're a couple of creative artists who enjoy creating all things "miscellaneous everything". We see ourselves as professional dabblers, reality makers, and manifestation generators, having an unmistakable impact on the art and individuals we connect with. The services we offer include: graphic design, photography, and copywriting. We can also be booked as models for runway,

e-commerce, and print campaigns.


Graphic Design

We specialize in logo design, branding packages, and social media content creation for a variety of brands and companies. Every visual element you may need for your business, we design it!


We are adaptable photographers, often shooting with one another, and constantly exploring visuals that are one-of-a-kind. Our main focus as a team is fashion photography, but we're limitless with what we can shoot.  


We have experience creating unique, original copy, as well as proofreading and editing existing copy for a variety platforms. We inspire readers to dig deep into your company and, ultimately, take action! 

hand lettering

We create handwritten and hand drawn design concepts for a variety of signage, logos, greeting cards, and other creative content to bring a more humanistic feel to your business or personal project. 


We are versatile models with experience in runway, print, lifestyle, e-commerce, and commercial modeling. We also create experimental runway choreography. We have a wide variety of looks that we can achieve, and goals to accomplish more high fashion and editorial projects in the near future. 

Brand Identity


“Squaring the circle” for the Ancient Egyptians represented the realization of creation — the transformation process of the concept of creation into its actual manifestation.”

- Moustafa Gadalla -

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“Fundamentally, the masculine and feminine are NOT two tangible separate things. They both exist on the same continuum. They are very real forces having different directions, yet are inexplicably linked.”

- Jonathan Zerbin -

The Circle & The Square est. 2018